Friday, March 20, 2009

Never take it for granted

Never take anyone for granted.

If you love someone, tell them that the very first thing in the morning.

Tell that someone how much you love them at night before you fall asleep.

Even when angry, remind yourself that 'he' or 'she' is special.

My husband had not been feeling well the past few days. He went to the clinic on Tuesday and was seen and given some antibiotics. He normally bounces back fairly quickly [tough ol' bird!].
But not this time.

This morning he said he hurt so bad and it felt like someone was ripping his lungs out.

I called the clinic...debating with myself about the 2 hour drive to the Madison VA...and decided to stay local.
The doc at the clinic said 'he wouldn't have made the drive to Madison'.
Yeah, that comment shook me to the bottom of my soul.

In short, his Oxygen level was so low, it was dangerous. In retrospect that would explain why he was so tired and that even putting socks on was a monumental effort.

The doc at the Viroqua Clinic concluded what was NOT wrong with him. It was not the flu, and not pneumonia.

His COPD was the culprit~~~we think.

Doc called the VA hospital in Madison and arranged for him to be transported there by Paramedic Ambulance.

She is an awesome doc who knows how to get things done.

Now I wait to hear what happens next. I spoke with him briefly a while ago and he was in the VA's ER. I did tell him I loved him.

And secondly, my heart goes out to my [ex] sister in law [Sarah]. She lost her husband this morning I am told by my sons.

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Rachel said...

I'm so sad that I didn't see this sooner! You are both in my thoughts. Terrible news about your ex SIL. :(