Friday, September 28, 2007

Think positive

I feel like I've awakened in some bad movie this morning. First thing I did was call the number that was left for me yesterday...for setting up a job interview. I was pretty excited. After not being able to find the person who called me, I was transferred to Human Resources and 'she' was unable to help either. Said the person in charge was out of the office until Monday and NO ONE else would ever call me.
So, okay who called?
Transfer to voice mail. Leave a message.
I feel like I got dumped in voice mail hell.

Next I sign into my school site and click on BEGIN QUIZ! Yippee, I am going to get my midterms done before I leave! I adjust my seat, get my good glasses on, open my books and take a sip of coffee. First question, multiple choice. I hit 'save'.
IE freezes.
So I jump over to firefox and open the school board which tells me I have taken the test!
Eeek gads.
I 'wig' out.
I find my teacher's phone number. Dialed the wrong number. Second call.
Answering machine. Leave a message after pressing *1. Okay I leave a message for the second time this morning.
Okay, so email the instructor! Good idea. Did that and left her my cell phone #.

Now I feel lost in cyberspace and voice mail hell.

Ah, my teacher just called me and I am good to go. At least I can get the exam done.
Yep the day just got a whole lot brighter.


Rachel said...

Good gracious! Glad the test is ok. Sounds like a rough day. How was your trip?!

Niki said...

I hate to say it but it all sounds like a terrible dream. How many things can go wrong when you need them all to go right huh? Hope there was some satisfaction there eventually.