Monday, September 24, 2007

My computer is down...!!!!

So on Saturday morning I get this phone call form my boss at work.

Him:*Um, the computer is not doing anything.*
Me: *Not doing anything like what?*
Him: *I turned it on and like it went to this place and it is black and I started pushing buttons and now it doesn't do anything, it like is just sitting there.*

[rolling of the eyes]
*And you pushed the buttons because.....?* I wait.

Him: *Well I thought I should DO something. So what do I do? I can't play 'freecell' now.*
[I look over at my computer just humming along nicely]
Me: *Call a tech.*
Him: *Can't you fix it?*
Me: *Um, noooo, I am not a guru, I cannot diagnosis a computer crash over the phone on something I cannot see. This sounds serious, Monday, call a tech first thing.*

Him: *Oh you can't fix it?*

So today I went to the office and turned on the computer waiting for the blue screen of death. To my surprise it booted up fine. When boss came in he said he had punched it off a bunch of times and then it came on so everything was fine....
Until suddenly it went black.
The hard drive is with the 'tech' now in the computer hospital. It probably is in ICU because of a certain person who used the program.... ID 10 T.

People who can't do anything but play freecell and cards, should not be allowed near a computer.

Press the 'any' key.
'My clipart is down!'
Why did the screen turn blue?
Oh happy days.

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Niki said...

You are a funny funny woman. This made me laugh out loud as I could almost hear the tone of your voice. HA!