Thursday, September 27, 2007

Morris, Traveling dog..

Skid Steer Boss
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Tomorrow we are going on an adventure...
Me and Morris.

We are heading to K-town to see my oldest son and his awesome wife. [yeah she is]
I enjoy visiting them and wish I could do it more often. Our lives are very busy and full of work, but we always seem to be able just to find some rare time and have fun.

Morris is looking forward to his first 'Cav' ride. He adores riding in any type of vehicle. He gets grumpy if I get on bumpy roads too. He grunts and gives me a dirty look.

I'm finishing up my midterms hopefully the testing will be done in the morning before I leave.
Morris is packin' his toys.
We got a full tank of gas...
A pack full of CD's...
We are ready...

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Niki said...

Drive carefully dear friend and have a wonderful time. Morris is such a kick...well, so are you. Sounds like fun.