Sunday, September 23, 2007


Okay so that is not a word. But today I make it a word. This afternoon I decided enough was enough. I went to Badger [who needs a haircut very much bad!!!!!] and decided to get out and ride. We were going to see what the storm did to our neighbor's land. What better way than to take a great mule?
The bottom photo is a picture of WHERE our trail used to be. See Badger's ears are back and he is thinking...hmmm, what is she getting me into now????

We found that Mother Nature had altered the creek enough so that we had a hard time finding safe places to cross. What I mean by that is we got into a 'suck hole' one time. Badger kept his head level and used good ol' mule power to get us out of it. I had mud splashed on my back and saddle! Woooo Weeee! Yep, I had fun with that.

The middle photo is a place where I asked Mr. Mule to cross. There was a drop, but I didn't think it was too bad. Badger refused...he got close to the edge and backed up. I urged him a second time...the second time was a charm. The edge of the bank fell away while his hooves were on it, and he did some sort of mule-move that put us back on solid ground. [Did I say I love this guy?]

The top photo is going through the broken tops maze. To find your way home Mr. Mule, you must take me safely through this nasty maze of broken oak and maple tree tops.

Oh he did too. Carefully stepping here and there, he didn't mind it at all if the branches scraped me. I really didn't mind either, we were having a ball and an adventure. We added a spice of mud and slippery slopes to the deal and it was a fantastic good time.

And people actually do other things on a Sunday afternoon?

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