Sunday, September 16, 2007

One Coyote's Song...Coyote Ugly?

I love fall evening sounds, they are mostly the song of crickets and coyotes.

This isn't actually a video, but an audio I took out the window the other night ... a pack of coyotes makes a lot of noise, yet each night we hear this solitary coyote who barks and barks. He/she never seems to have anyone with him. So we are wondering if this coyote is an outcast. Hubby said this coyote sounds like he is lost.
Every night this same coyote comes and barks and barks for about 20 minutes in our creek bottom before moving off.
None of the other coyotes ever answer him/her.

[you may have to turn up the is scratchy and faint...but interesting]

Suppose he/she is
Coyote UGLY???????


Niki said...

Does Morris ever bark back? He/she might just be trying to call out the little snack to join the quiet pack in waiting. Wiley goes out and fights with them sometimes so that I have to put him in to keep him safe. Love the sound of them but Wiley barks and barks. They come ever night.

Val said...

Morris does growl and get upset. But then he whines and hides. He's no GI Joe!
The pack we hear just about every night and this one is like clockwork!