Thursday, September 20, 2007

Gone Fishing...

Tying a hook
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Well today I said enough is enough! Three solid weeks of cleaning up after Mother Nature was getting to me -- yeah --

So I said to dear hubby while I made him a steak and egg 'brunch'--*What are we doing today?* I'd run the idea of going fishing past him the night before and he'd shook his head no...he simply had too much...we
work to do!

So he looked up from his plate and leaned back and said.
*Looks like we need to start...*he paused, then grinned, *getting ready to go fishing!*
I could say I would have rather gone riding. But fishing is something we both like as it is relaxing.

We took the 'little' car and loaded it up with gear and headed to the Mississippi. We spent the afternoon on the river bank, feeding worms to the fish--as we call it. We however did catch enough for a Friday night fish fry.

I like fishing. I can stare at the water and let my mind wander. Today I did a lot of reminiscing. I thought about Dad and our trip to Hawaii. I thought about how much I missed telling him things that happened in my life. And I thought about how content I was sitting on the bank,
in the warm sun, on a September afternoon.

What a splendid way to spend the day. Just goofing off.


Niki said...

I have a feeling your dad was there with you and could see how happy you were getting a line wet. Good for you to take some time with hubby to relax. Yum.

Val said...

Sure is funny Niki, I surely do miss him, especially each fall for some darned reason.