Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Predawn moment

The hush before dawn
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There is this fantastic moment just before the sun actually comes over the horizon. It is a magical time that I've been trying to get out and watch as many mornings as possible.

I take my camera, my dog, Morris, and we walk to the ridge top. Not far, perhaps half a mile. There we can sit in the middle of the road. Morris can smell interesting smells and do his male dog thing of 'watering plants'.
I can sit and sip coffee and ponder the humor of sitting in the middle of the road ... literally with no fear of traffic. I watch the sky turn from an ugly grey and begin to brighten into wonderful colors.
And I think how lucky I must be. I don't think about school, about work, or about the world's problems.

I just sit and enjoy the wonderful show that Mother Nature is handing out...
and I have 'front row seats'.

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Niki said...

Very poetic, Val, and a good reason to call you "friend". You have a deep appreciation for life and your world. Grace.