Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome Back to School

I'm sort of doing things backwards here, first talking about my going back to school again full time. This summer's class was not difficult which was really nice because of the shoulder surgery...and the '1,000 year storm'. [I wonder who figured that one out!]
Both of my classes are medical coding. Eeek gads how terribly boring, you say. Well actually it isn't. Think of it like this. It is like talking in secret code. Telling a story of a patient with numbers. You are given a situation and have to puzzle out codes from volumes of books to tell a proper story in the proper sequence.
I find that mentally challenging which actually is good.

I'm trying a new routine now. First thing in the morning, make the coffee and bypass the computer. Take a travel cup and either catch Mr. Mule and ride him for a while, or take Morris the Terrific and walk with him to watch the sunrise on the ridgetop.
Either way it is a winning situation. I find that it clears my mind for the day and actually makes me happy to get up and going at an early hour!
This morning I was blessed with a beautiful fog that overlayed the crop land.
The sunrise wasn't actually that spectacular, but hey not each one is.

I was soaked to my knees with the morning dew. I felt refreshed. Morris was just plain soaked. He was exhausted. He went promptly to his recliner and went to sleep.

Well back at the books!

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