Thursday, September 13, 2007

Cleanup Day

There is not a lot to offer up on today's news. We worked on storm clean up. Rich did some amazing and [to me] frightening things with his tractor and skid steer. He used his tractor and the hay forks to push a tree over. Okay, the tree was dead, but dang if the tractor's front end didn't come off the ground!
Can we say--geeze I'm having a heart attack now?
Another time, I looked up from mowing the lawn in time to see little branches raining down on top of the skid steer's cab as he was pulling another one down. This tree was hung up -- a widow maker and he pulled it with a logging chain so it would fall safely to the ground. Branches caught on other branches and dead wood was flying everywhere.
But he knows what he is doing and doesn't really take any chances. [hmmm, I hope]

Morris, our JRT was in seventh heaven. He loves to ride in trucks, on tractors, and yes he adores the skid steer also. When it was time for 'dinner' I walked up to where hubby was working and motioned him in. He drove up in the skid steer and said he'd give us a ride. So I got in the bucket...but Morris did not want to ride in the bucket. He wanted to be up in the cab and 'navigate'!!! Silly dog. Talk about being in Jack Russell heaven...he stood with his back feet under hubby's seat and his front feet on the front of the cab, looking very much like he was supposed to ride there.

And my husband? The fellow who always calls Morris a dilbert, a dork, a dufus? He was grinning too.
In fact when we put things away tonight, he grabbed the dog and they rode off together in the skid steer.
I hate to say it, we worked hard today, but we also had fun.

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