Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Pinky Promise Part II

Grandchildren are as precious as can be. Now after we made the Pinky Promise, Miss Ariel was an absolute doll for us, she took her nap, went to bed without a fuss...and was able to spend the night with Grandma.

I did explain though that we had to continue with her excellent behavior...and that Grandma, because of her shoulder pain would only lay down in bed with her until she fell asleep...then Grandma would go downstairs and sleep on the love-seat. This was not a problem either.
But Little Miss Ariel wanted to see Badger the mule so badly that she braved the big big yard by herself and went down to the water tank by 'the big muddy muddy place'. [I think that is a little Dora lingo there]. She hollered and hollered and hollered.
Lo and Behold a great big bay mule ambled up to the fence and stood. I watched from up by the house. MY mule came to this little girl!
This is when I knew that the next morning I was going to let Ariel ride Badger SOLO. Okay, not totally solo, but I'd let her be by herself on Badger, and I would lead him.

Bright and early the next morning, Miss Ariel was awake and cheery. She was anxious to get outside and ate a quick breakfast. She even urged Grandpa to hurry up and get moving as 'daylight' was burning! [not exactly her words]

Little did she know she was going to ride Badger. When I brought him out of the pasture, Ariel ran and got her helmet. She put it on and stood in the horse trailer doorway and asked over a dozen questions as only someone who will be 4 can do.

With Grandpa's help, we jury-rigged the buddy saddle to fit on Badger. Miss Ariel was ready to ride!

Here is her first ride, earned by the Pinky Promise.

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