Monday, October 01, 2007

There and back again

I made the trip ... yes I finished up my midterm exam before I left. I hit K-town with tons of traffic which fascinated Morris. In fact at a stop light people pulled up alongside and were waving to him! Okay so I guess Kenosha is like that?
I put all of Friday's everything has gone wrong...behind me and prepared to enjoy a weekend away from schoolwork, cutting trees, storm damage clean up ... and just enjoy.

Which is exactly what I did. The photo of me on the bench with Morris and my son's dog Teslin was taken in my son's and his wife's backyard. They have done a beautiful job on making their backyard into a very restful place to be. I spent most of Saturday there just looking at flowers and enjoying myself.
We went for a long hike later on in the afternoon and all of us were exhausted afterwards. We ate pie and ice cream for a late nite snack [we'd had a mexican meal-picnic before our hike]. We sat on the couch while Tes and Morris crowded for space and nestled in for a late movie.

Yeah, it was a piece of heaven.
I was totally relaxed and wanted to stay. 2PM on Sunday came waaaaayyyy to quickly and sadly I left to drive home. Even Morris acted bummed out.
Even after all the problems I had Friday, the trip went without a hitch...except for a squeaky strut which seemed to sort of resolve itself.

I miss the 'kids'.
Oh yeah, I met a neighbor lady from across the street. I think we would have a blast hanging out together. If you read this son, please tell her hello from me and that I wished we had more time to visit!


Niki said...

Sounds wonderful and you certainly deserved the break. Morris looks so happy playing with his Teslin! It's my Monday tomorrow and I'm ready for a break from all the work I did this weekend. I'm glad you had a good time. Great picture.

Val said...

Thanks Niki!