Monday, February 09, 2015

Thinking again...

I was thinking ... again how I really need to get back at working with Eddie and Princess.

I was reading The Dancing Donkey today and it got me thinkin'.  I started with good intentions last May with Princess.  But I did stupidly put my finger in her mouth and that ended my good intentions ... for a while.
By then summer was in full swing and Princess was forgotten as preparations for Grandma & Grandpa Camp got under way.

She is a very gentle donkey and not much seems to bother her.

When we got her, it was a daring thing to do to try and pick up her hind legs.
But I worked with her and now she stands quietly and picks up her feet properly for the farrier.

I actually did saddle her and sit on her in the round pen last year with that aching owie finger.

We've even gone on hikes together and she seems willing enough just to follow me down the deer trails and stop to browse when I am trimming the riding trail.

My sister asked me once how on earth do you train a Donkey?  She has trained and had her horses trained for show.

I simply said.
It isn't hard, if you make it routine, they are good with that, donkeys love routine.

If you convince the donkey that to ride under saddle, cross streams, logs, and ride down a trail is their idea, then it is a piece of cake.

If I also take her down my riding trail a few times, I won't have to bother with guiding her.  She'll know the way out and know the way home.

This spring...this spring....oh please let me get this done this spring!


The Dancing Donkey said...

I 'll be eager for progress reports:)

Lori Skoog said...

Do it. Easy for me to say. Are all the donkeys and horses at the farm yours? How many of each? I think I would love to have a donkey...if I were younger....

Val Ewing said...

Lori, I think the donkeys are the easiest and hardest to train. Certainly the nicest to ride as one ages. I don't know of any friend who rides one that has had a run away or a bucking fit.
Certainly Princess and Eddie will be my riding buddies when I am elderly!