Thursday, February 05, 2015

Morris is Aging

Morris delights in snow, especially the light fluffy stuff.

Actually he loves taking hikes with me at any time he can.
However the older he gets the more I have to be careful about the kind of walks we take.

If the temperatures are near zero and the wind chill factor is below zero, I don't take him.

As much as I don't want to admit it, Morris is aging.  
By age 10 most Jacks Russells should be considered Seniors.  Morris will be 11 yrs old in July.  So he is a 'Senior'.

I see the gray face and I see him slowing down, but mention a hike...or grab the camera bag and he is jumping and going ... crazy, whining and spinning like a furry little top.

It sort of seems unfair that our dogs age so much faster than we do.  Look at that brown muzzle!
This shot was taken in January of 2012.

Oh the difference this year!

He is still quite playful and energetic.  He will toss his toys around the living room for a while and then go snuggle in his blanket on the couch or lay by the heater.

He is now content to lay next to me on the couch and be quiet while I read.

However, if he goes on a long hike in the cold [he runs and jumps and smells things as though he did as a youngster] he will stop every once in a while and asked to be carried.

I want to deny his aging.  I really do.  For nearly 11 years he has accompanied me on nearly every trip to the woods.

But we take one day at a time and enjoy every moment together.

And his loyalty to the grand children is endless.  Who could ask for a better little dog.
The books on Jack Russells say they are not good with children.
Well Morris is.  He prefers children to adults I think.

He is rather content on these cold winter days to toss some toys and then go lay in a sun spot and enjoy himself.

Some Senior Jack Russels may get a bit cranky in their Senior Years due to those very same things that all elderly folks suffer from. Sore joints, stiffness, and so forth.

So far Morris has not been cranky.  Well unless you awaken him by sitting on a pile of blankets on the couch and find that you just sat on your Jack.

But I do notice now, if it is very cold and the creek is wide, he will put a paw on my leg and ask for a lift over the creek.

We had a great time on our last winter walk a few days ago.

When we got home he curled up on the couch and went right to some serious napping.

I know in my heart that eventually he will become a bit frail and too old to do the things we do together now.

But we are going to go ahead and live life as there is no tomorrow and enjoy each day together.

That is what this ~~ now old dog ~~ is teaching me.

You ROCK Morris!


The Dancing Donkey said...

IT is a dog's only true fault, that they don't live long enough. I hope Morris is with you for many more years and adventures.

The Three Muleteers said...

We love Morris! He's brought many smiles to us :-) Alas we know just how you feel, our labrador Murph is about the same age and we too have to limit things just a little. But like you we enjoy every single waggy tailed walk.

Sending wags and woofs across the ocean to a special little dog with a very big heart x

Val Ewing said...

Thank you both so much for the kind comments. Mr. Morris sends his best wishes to all elderly dogs and Murph too!