Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I relent, it is cold.

At sunrise.
I look outside and the mules are walking around and they begin to play.  They trot and then toss their heads and blow breaths of steam in the frigid air.

I see Siera has a frosty brow and back, but she is playing chase with Fred and Dyna.  It is fun to watch as they seem to push each other around and twitch their tales in mock anger.
Their heads bob up and down and their ears will lay flat against their skulls for a moment while they give each other dirty looks.

It is part of the frigid morning routine until the sun comes over the trees and they stand side by side quietly basking in the sunlight.

They become still as statues as they let the sun warm their heavy winter coats.

Chores will be done with face-masks and goggles today.  I relent.  It is cold outside.

At least the sun is shining.

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