Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pewitt's Nest

On the same day we hiked Parfrey's Glen in the Baraboo area, we found Pewitt's Nest.

I was told about the place but didn't really know what to expect and neither did my friend's but they were up to exploring the 'Nest'.

Pewitt's Nest is a nature reserve.  The gorge was formed by Skillet Creek which runs through the gorge.  The water's depth and  strength depends on the rain fall in the area.

We didn't know the history of the place.  Before we walked up the trail we didn't know what to expect.

But we chose a perfect time to visit.
During the summer Skillet Creek runs through it and the only way to enjoy most of the gorge is by hiking around the top of it and looking down from various perches.

The depth of the gorge is supposed to be 30 to 40 feet.  For me, standing in the bottom on top of the frozen felt much taller.

We walked up through the big pool of water.  There had been holes drilled through the ice and we were able to see that the ice was at least 6" thick.

[View from the pool of water ~ next shots were taken from the top of this ice formation]

But we had no idea how deep the pool of water encased in this rock was.  We did get an idea that it was fairly deep as my friend who is 6 foot tall demonstrates with his walking stick.

This point of view was from above one of the first frozen falls.

We could hear the water underneath us and it was a bit spooky sounding.

We made it to the second set of waterfalls and climbed up its frozen surface.

Again, we could hear the water flowing beneath us.

As we moved up the creek the gorge widened.  The hiking was easier also.
Apparently when the creek is flowing, the public is supposed to stay on the trails above the creek.

This is an easier hike to get to than Parfrey's Glen and it is apparent that it gets more foot traffic as it gets more popular.

The rock formations are incredible and quite beautiful.  Well worth the short hike.

The view from the trail on top of the gorge is also stunning.  

I have seen photos of this place taken during the summer and it is breathtaking.

However when I come back to see and photograph it, I'll make sure to come early in the day and in the middle of the week.

We only encountered a couple of other people at Parfrey's Glen, but we encountered many people at Pewitt's Nest.

Perhaps it was because it was much later in the day, but I prefer my hikes to be a bit less populated!

Next on my list are Ableman's Gorge, Baxter Hollow, Durward's Glen, and Fern Dell Gorge ... which is supposed to be very hard to get to.

However that makes it so much more appealing to me.

Until then I enjoy our own natural wonders in the valley and the 'Hollow' or 'Rocky Glens' that we have even though they are on a much smaller scale in some spots.

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