Monday, February 16, 2015

Fresh Air

It is interesting how many people think that winter air is bad for you.

Now having said that, extreme cold on people that have constant health issues...yes, it is not good to go out and breath subzero air.

Yesterday topped out at maybe 9 degrees F, when I decided to grab the My Little Ponies in a bag along with a toy skunk and a toy deer.  I stuffed my pocket camera inside my jacket to keep it warm and took off.

Sweet hubby thought I shouldn't go.  It was cold.  But then he knows that I love winter hiking so he relented.
Besides, I told him, fresh outside air is better than breathing stale inside air.

Aside from that, I'd spent two days stuck in the house with wicked winds. It was time to get out and get moving.

I guess one thing I haven't mentioned is why I like the winter hiking so much.
No bugs, no humidity, and I simply just like winter.
I don't like driving in snow storms, but I love going out and exploring in them.

So yesterday's hike was to take the toys and find a neat place to take a photo of them.  

The other purpose was just to follow trails and wander aimlessly in the woods.

I found multi use trails in which the deer, raccoon, and coyotes used.  In one area that was sheltered from the wicked winds yesterday, I found dozens of deer beds.

I found four places where I imagine, from the tracks and evidence left in the snow, that coyotes had caught rabbits and had a snack.

I even found a place where crow feathers were scattered. I couldn't figure that one out so took photos of it and showed it to hubby.  We ended up surmising that is may have been a hawk that nailed a crow.
I didn't think anything preyed on crow!

I walked on top of snow and ice following tracks through a rocky ravine and found the most delightful formation when I climbed out.

The log was hollow and you could see where squirrels had left acorn shells.

I finally glanced at my watch.  It was time I headed home!  I had no idea that I'd spend so much time wandering the west facing hills on Peterson's land.

Home was only 1/2 mile away and up a hill, so I hurried to find my snowshoe trail and hiked home.

Hubby was getting ready to do chores when I got to the house, he was bundling up.  I glanced at the thermometer as he bundled up.

It was zero.
But I still felt warm and cozy even though I wasn't in coveralls.

All that hard hiking had warmed me up.

By 10pm I was ready for bed.
That fresh air and exercise made me sleep like a baby.

I love fresh air!

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Lori Skoog said...

I'm with you! Fresh air is good for us, and being outside for chores has kept me moving.