Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The snow storm that wasn't.

The forecasters said we'd get 3-6" of snow, or we'd get 8"+, depending on where the snow line went.  Near blizzard conditions could be expected...or maybe not...

We woke up to snowfall with winds blowing from the north east.  When we went outside to do chores I had to force the door open.  Snow had piled up against it.

We were able to hear the winds howl above us on the ridge.

When hubby walked up the driveway to go feed 'the girls' and Eddie in their winter paddock, he had to wade through some mild snow drifts.

Everyone had a blanket of snow on their backs and some were taking 'snow baths'.  

Eddie the donkey looked rather unconcerned about the whole snow situation. He and his pasture mates were able to avoid the wind, they had fresh temperate water and were getting fed good quality hay.

He awaited breakfast to be served along with the others.
It was just another day for him and his friends.

For Morris, it was a delight.  For some reason kids, adults, and animals seem to always enjoy a fresh snow fall.

Except of course if you have to drive in it, plow it, shovel it, or snow blow it.

Hubby even had a smile for me. 

Of course he has a skid steer which he uses to plow our steep driveway.  He complains about having to do it.

But secretly, I think he enjoys doing stuff with the skid steer more than any other chore he has to do.

The driveway is steep.  I think I measured a difference of 150 feet elevation change from the house to the mailbox once with the GPS.

That could explain why I sometimes get 'out of breath' walking up to get the mail.

The snow has already started today again and the weather service has called for heavy snow at times at the rate of one to two inches and hour.  

It is time to dust off the snow shoes and check the trail that Morris and I trimmed two weeks ago.
It will look drastically different, but I'll see if the 'marks' I left for guidance on the trees will help define where I should go.

It helps that this trail is often used by all of the forest animals also.

Perhaps I'll even find an antler shed sticking out of the fresh snow fall.

So we had a snow incident, but I wouldn't call it a storm.

2-5" are expected today.
Finally winter has come to our area!


Lori Skoog said...

Join the club! Do your critters have no shelter in the winter? I guess mine are spoiled rotten.

Val Ewing said...

They have the woods to get into. We have steeps hills and they can escape the winds.
The only ones that are ever stalled are the ones who have a special need or are ill.
Yrs ago we had a run in shelter and they still preferred be outside in the woods.