Sunday, February 15, 2015

Colder than a witch's...

Well you know the saying and if you don't, well too bad, I am not completing the sentence right now....

Yesterday the winds were so vicious that our little cottage creaked at times.  Snow was being blown sideways and into snow devils that danced around the yard.

Pine cones thumped against the house and during chores, trees were popping and moaning.

And, we live in a 'hollow' of sorts, not prone to getting the full blast of winds.  So I imagine it was quite brutal up on the ridge.

I decided that it was an 'indoor' day.  I started to read an interesting book called The Man Who Touched His Heart by Rob Dunn.  Normally I not a Science and History reader, but this sounded so interesting and fascinating.

The book is good, it is fascinating.  The Roman 'doctor' Galen seemed to understand the heart and the body quite well and wrote volumes about it.  Leonardo Di Vinci studied the human body and was even more accurate.  

Apparently he often dissected people or...did Autopsies to find out what killed them.  He even found the first evidence of Arterial Sclerosis.

The first heart surgery was documented by a black doctor in Chicago before 1900.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I imagine a well celebrated one.  I'm going in to town today to grab a few things and pick up some 50% off candy and some radically reduced bouquets of flowers.

I thought today would be a good day to try some still 'life' photography with both my 50mm lens and my micro/macro 40mm lens.

I'll leave you with a fractal to admire...

Then I'll bundle up and put on the over the glasses goggles, face mask, and coveralls to do chores.
After all, it is all the way up to -4!

Looking forward to next weekend.  I'm going to Devil's Lake in the Dells area to go hiking.  Pewitt's Nest offers some awesome rocks, gorges, and ice formations this time of year.

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