Sunday, February 08, 2015

Mandelbulb IFS formulas DEcombinate & Reflectons

These wonderful reflective Mandelbulbs with their special shapes have eluded me forever!

Now I am trying one thing at a time and learning slowly how to 'make' scenes that I feel I almost have control of.

Like this one:
I added the dragon and in post edit.  But I wanted to have a 'gnarly' shape with a 'floor' and a wall with a door in it.

Mind you most pieces that are seen anywhere are not just made in a blink of an eye.  They are carefully rendered over and over with adjustments to shadows, lighting to give the illusion of depth.

With the new and crazy Mandelex formula, I created a scene that was just bizarre and a bit creepy.

It reminds me of a decaying castle.

This is my secret room.  A textured mandelbulb with a happy accident of Volumetric lighting.  Something I am still trying very hard to master.  I used hexigridifs as the first formula and the used DEcombulate when I added Menger4 and _AbsX.

I really like using the hexigridifs formula, it allows you to make all sorts of interesting 'floors'.

On this one that I call Leftovers, I used the hexigridifs for and DodecahedronIFS from the 3a column with fun results.

The second was with the same forumulas except I changed the IFS to a Column formula and added reflections.

Today I did a wild one and it took me a long time to get it could probably use a bit more work, but here it is, 
Underwater Maze:

There are some fantastic tutorials at DeviantArt as well as many fun parameters that can be shared.

I'm trying now to develop the ability to mix certain formulas to 'create' a scene and not just a pretty mandelbulb.

The fun part about it is that formula mixing and moving can always bring a surprise in the form of delight or in the form of dismay because it just isn't working at all!

All of these posted here are originals from scratch made up by little ol' me.

Thank goodness!  It is sometimes too hard to recall where you sometimes get parameters.
I've started to include that artist's name in the file I save, it helps.
But credit should be given where credit it due.

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