Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Tracks Tell Stories.

I took a short walk yesterday afternoon after our trip to town.

It was late in the day and the winds were not howling. The sun was shining.

Morris started leaping around as soon as I grabbed the camera bag.

I figured he'd be okay for a short trip so I let him come along.
I also figured I wouldn't need the snow shoes.  

Hmmm.  Shouldn't 'figure' like that!

The coyotes are busy this time of the year, it is mating season and we found plenty of tracks.  All the animals right now are keeping to well worn trails.

I realized quite a while ago, that I like to take the same trails that the animals do.  Well, it makes sense, it is near the water and the going is easier.

After all the creek is the life-blood of the forest and its creatures.

In this trail there was quite the mix of raccoon, 'possum, coyote, and deer.  The animals were walking over each other's tracks and drinking from the same open areas of water.

Morris was not impressed.  The 'yote tracks must leave a scent and he really kept close to me.
I normally don't take him for long walks during the Coyotes' mating season for this simple reason.

He gave me this look and kept shivering.  I picked him up and we headed back towards home.  When we got away from the coyote tracks, he ran ahead plowing through the deep snow and the hard icy crust.

When we got to the 'Merry Meadow', I stopped to take some photos.  He was clearly in a rush to get home.

I had to call him back a few times to make sure he didn't get out of sight.
Lucky me that he is such a good ol' fella and he actually will come back. 
That is, until he reaches the shed, then no matter what he is headed to the back door and will leap on it until you catch up and let him in the house.

The deer have been out browsing and digging under the scrub apple trees in the evening or early morning.  I found several deer beds in the Dexter's summer pasture.

I wanted to go to look at these tracks better, but Morris had other plans.  Besides, I really did need the snowshoes!

By the time I got home I was quite warm and even sweating from slogging through the crusted snow.  I kept cursing myself for not wearing my snowshoes.

Today is supposed to be bitter cold.
But it is sunny and I have goggles and a face mask.

I want to go back out and 'read the stories' in the snow.
I can hike so I stay out of the wind so it won't be too bad.

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