Sunday, November 02, 2014

Kids & Feeling like one

The grand kids wanted up at Sunrise ... well at this time of year it is later than usual.  Daylight savings time put it back an hour, the grands were pretty tuckered and just barely made it up to see the sunrise.

Even Morris wasn't really willing to get up.

But we got going and Ariel, Morris, and I decided to head out for a walk in the woods and down the valley.

I really didn't realize until the two of us were further down the valley exploring things through her eyes, how much I missed having another person to hike with.

I put my arm around and hugged her tightly and said "I wished you lived close enough to go hiking with me all the time."
Oh I meant what I said.  Hiking and exploring is okay with Morris, but it sure was more fun with Ariel along.

We went to some of my favorite spots and to places that Ariel had not seen before.

I guess I realized then that even though I knew nearly every inch of this huge forest, that sharing its wonders with someone else would be like a fine gift.

We turned around at this point of the valley.  And Ariel led the way confidently with Morris close on her heels.

I told Ariel about the 'ice cave', the back valley, the big rocky dry runs, the out cropping that overlooked a valley, and more...

In my mind I was truly trying to figure out how to take her there and show her these amazing spots.

I felt like a kid with a new playmate.  
Oh yes, I am her grandmother.  
But for the time we were hiking and talking I felt like a youngster showing my 'playground' off to my best new friend.

I guess that makes me a bit odd, but I can't wait for our next hiking adventure.

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