Sunday, November 16, 2014

I like ice...fingers

With the day's farm project of pounding in wooden posts done ~~ hubby headed to the house to take a nap and I decided to grab my older camera and head to the creek.

It was snowing and the light was fading.  I thought It would be nice to take some timed exposures of the parts of the creek that had 'grass' ice on the banks.

When the air temperatures drop and are much colder than the water temps of the a spring fed creek, the splashes of water going over rocks will make ice formations on sticks or blades of grasses near the water itself.

Sometimes you have to get down into the water or practically lay next to it to get 'the shot' you may want.

After getting half way to the creek, I realized I hadn't brought the mini-tripod.  I'd walked off forgetting it!

I'n not a stranger to making things up as I go along.  I took the camera case and braced the camera on it and was able to push the limits just enough to get a couple of shots that did not blur.

The snow was coming down hard and the valley was silent except for the 'creek babble'.
My new Key Coveralls were keeping me comfortable, and I wished I'd had all the time in the world.
But I didn't.

In one short hour, the already darkened sky would be dark.

I tried a few more shots and came away wondering if I got anything noteworthy.  Also a promise to myself that I needed to explore the creek a bit more in this cold snap.

Darkness fell not long after I hiked up over the hill and through the Meadow to get home.

But it was a worthy quick hike.

The overcast sky was perfect and the snow was a bonus.

And I got to shoot Ice Fingers!

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