Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Driving and Random Thoughts Help

I finally had it come to me while driving to work the other night.
Funny how sometimes great ideas come while you are negotiating the roads on a 30+ mile commute to work.

I'd gotten a bit stuck on the name of the latest Adventure Book with Morris and his Toy Friends.

I've always stuck to titles like The Big Snow, The Big Creek, The Big Woods, and an odd one tossed in as The Trail Tale [a fun little play on words].

I wondered what would happen if Morris got a letter in the mail what would happen?

Who sent it?  What is it about?  How will he read it?

Harder yet was to get Morris to look at the letter and his toys while sitting on the couch.

Enter the bribe...dog treats.  If you look at the above photo you can see one poking out under the letter.

After a few failed attempts where Morris snatched the cookie and wouldn't 'stay' while I took the photo...we nailed it.

This ended up being a possible pick for the book.

Back to driving and thinking.

Suddenly out of the blue or should I say, out of the twisted roads and the slippery steep hills, the Title came to me.

The Big Journey.

It fits. 
I'd thought of The Long Walk...wow, that sounded awful dreary and not adventurous.
I thought of The Lost Toys.  Oh, that sounded almost morbid.

As I pulled into work, I pulled a pen out of my pocket and wrote on my pink tablet.
"The Big Journey"

I don't know why, but I confirmed this with someone else last night, that some of the best thoughts come while driving.

I should have an easy recorder to play while I get those 'Ah hah!' moments.

Well back to writing and daydreaming.
If I get stuck, maybe ... I'll have to take a drive?

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