Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The Other Model by Morris

Apparently I am not always the center of attention.
We went for a short visit to see the Grandma/Mom in a place far and away.

For most of the trip in the car I slept as usual.  I mean, it is tiring trying to navigate for HER.  This time she seemed to know where she was going.
Not like last time when I had to jump around a bit inside the car and I hit the alarm/lock.
Nope, I was good as gold.

When we got to the Grandma/Mom house I was so excited that I couldn't help but leap out of the car as soon as it was stopped and race to the house.  I jumped up on the door three times and no one answered.

SHE opened up the door and there was Sammy.  My buxom blonde bombshell galpal.

Sammy immediately grabbed her giant Hedgehog and walked around the kitchen while SHE and the Grandma/Mom gave each other people hugs.

Sammy and I sniffed each other's business ends and got reacquainted.

Much to my surprise though, when SHE got out the camera today it rally wasn't aimed much at me.  Apparently Sammy is a much nicer model.  She poses quite nicely and I never stay still very long unless there is a dog cookie involved as a bribe.

Sammy can strike some rather elegant and beautiful poses.

And I can....well, let's say I thought there was a treat involved in this shot ... but sadly, no!

No treats, no bribes just HER hand in the air!

I must say Sammy is quite the regal gal.  So poised and calm.

I can be calm, honest I can.
Mostly when I am sleeping.
So I must admit.  I am a bit jealous of Sammy.  The camera keeps getting pointed in her direction.

I'm not sure what she has over me though.

Maybe I'm just not quite the model she is.


No matter.  I still adore her, my pretty blonde galpal.

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