Sunday, November 09, 2014

Gone to the dogs..

Here it is.

I do like this time of the year.  It is cool but not bitter cold.
I can hike and not have to deal with flying insects, although ticks are still an issue.

This weekend my son and his wife came to visit.  Of course their dog, Teslin came along too.  Morris and Teslin have known each other since they were both puppies.

Photo above dated: December 16, 2006.

You can say that these two learned the ropes together.

And happily they have grown older and still play well together only they not quite as lively as they used to be.

During our hike Morris decided to go one way on the log and Teslin decided to go the other way.

No one fell and all was good.

We hiked down into a secluded dry run or if you prefer a ravine to explore.

We did some rock climbing and just enjoyed exploring. We uncovered quite a few cow bones from when the owners of this land still had cattle.

At some time one must have fallen into the ravine.

We searched around in the leaves and came up with quite a few to line up on the log.

Our dogs enjoyed it immensely.  They ran, sniffed, climbed logs, and simply were dogs.  No leashes, only their master's voices to keep them in sight.

It isn't often that I get avid hikers to go with me and this was a special treat.
That included all the special ribbing I got later from MY son!

He and his wife are always ready and willing to go on an 'adventure' with me.

We usually find something interesting on our hikes and no two trips to the forest are ever quite the same.

It had been probably about 2 years or more since I climbed up this rocky ravine from the valley.  I'd totally forgotten about the little spring and pond I'd discovered in the spring of 2009.

Teslin later provided us with entertainment as she pursued light reflections on the wall in the kitchen as Morris looked on ... rather unimpressed and slightly curious.

The weekend drew to a close and 'the kids' left.

I watched their car go up the driveway and ... yes, well...I started missing them as did my husband.

Morris however, after such a whirlwind week took no time in claiming his new fleece blanket on the couch next to one of his hedgehogs.

To say he was exhausted would be an understatement.

So our huge busy week has ended.
Time for us to rest a bit.

Apparently the weatherman has stated that we are in for a quick chill down this week.
That ought to prove interesting along the creek.

The water will splash over the rocks and make incredible ice formations.

Didn't I say that I really liked November?


The Dancing Donkey said...

And much fun was had by all:)

Val Ewing said...

Oh yes it was!