Wednesday, November 26, 2014

This and That...

My drive home from work was more than interesting to say the least on Monday.
Maybe I just forget from year to year how treacherous some of our roads can get.

There are twisted roads that have steep grades and fairly sharp curves up the sides of the steep valleys near the Mississippi River.

I didn't dare stop and take any shots of the curves or the hills on Monday.  It was just a concentration effort to make sure that I actually stayed on the road.

There were many 'fall offs' that I passed attesting to the fact that the roads were indeed really quite bad.
Rain, fog, and warm temps changed quite quickly into snow and freezing temperatures.
Thus the ice under the slimy snow was created for Monday morning's commute.

Yesterday was brilliant though, quite beautiful with clear blue skies and pure white snow.

I had to go to town to get Lasagna fixings for our Thanksgiving supper.
I also had a oil change and tire rotation coming on the Subaru.

While at the shop I talked to the owner who I've know since 1996.  I asked about snow tires for the Subaru. Some may think that is overkill and that I could easily get all weather tires.

But I asked.  Jeff pointed out the tires he put on his wife's car ... he said "If you get stuck, Val, with those tires on your Subaru, call me and I'll come get you."

He had to order two more as he had two on hand.  With AWD you don't want to have different treads on front and back, not if you travel like I do.  I put 23K miles on this Subaru last year.

I'm tickled pink.  Yes, the tires are not cheap, but it is an investment in my winter driving and all year 'round driving.  As is with the other continued maintenance that I do on my vehicles.

This morning my hubby headed out to the woods early to 'get' his deer.
I am taking the house apart, cooking up the rest of the squash to freeze, and doing the chores too.

I need to hang out my laundry and finish up the watering for the cattle.

I will be most happy when Gun Deer Season ends.  I can then walk in the woods again.


The Dancing Donkey said...

You've gotta have good tires! I just had 4 studded snow tires put on my car. I do it every year, even when I had a Subaru, they have saved my life more than I can count. With the snow storm today, it looks like I'll get to try them out again soon.

Another 3 weeks of gun season here, I am so sick of it already.

Happy thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Lori Skoog said...

Do what you've gotta do to stay safe. At the moment we don't have much snow at all. Our deer season with guns ends on Dec. 7th. Can't happen soon enough. Enjoy your lasagna dinner...sounds good to me.