Friday, November 28, 2014

Make Your Own Thanksgiving Tradition

I'm not a Turkey person, however I will eat turkey and poultry IF someone else makes it.

I don't mind poultry in soup.  

Thanksgiving traditionally has Turkey on most tables.

On my table we have homemade Lasagna.  And no, I am not Italian!
Our Thanksgiving was going to be very quiet.  The neighbors were gone, and no one was coming to visit or have dinner with us.

And hubby was out deer hunting.  

I had done all the chores and put together the lasagna ... so what else was there to do?

I'd been cleaning this humongous house we have. The laundry was freezing on the line, 

and I needed something more to do.

I went out and found the antique cracked chair in the shed.

I had used the chair last year when making my 'Christmas' decorations.
Because our house is so small I thought I'd try something new.  I added an antique fruit crate this year.

I draped an antique bridle, and two breast collars to the chair.  Little by little I added a few things including my carousel horses.

By the time hubby came in to tell me he needed help bringing in a doe he actually got, I had put the finishing touches on both our supper and my new traditional....

Christmas Chair.

I think I'll continue to use this chair for decorations and have Lasagna for Thanksgiving.

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Lori Skoog said...

I love your chair! That gives me an idea for Christmas. For many years we have had a bare branch hanging with twinkie lights, ribbons and horse ornaments (in the kitchen). We left it up year round and it finally crashed to the floor. Now I need a new something...your chair is so creative.

By the way...nothing was frozen and it is 55 degrees today. The hydrant in the barn is very well protected and the one outside the paddock had a slow leak. Doug was here at 9 and both are working properly again. He would not take a dime for getting us back in shape. What a friend. Thankful for sure.