Thursday, November 20, 2014

Take a HIKE!

The temperatures are perfect for what I was looking for.
Morris and I headed out about 2 pm which was the 'warmest' part of the day.
We headed into the valley where the winds were not gusting.

Along the way we counted two herds of deer.  One set of 4 went up the north side of the valley and about 10 went up the south side of the valley.  From what I could see, they were all does.

We walked along the creek looking for ice formations and I was pleased to find them in the long summer grasses.

I found this near the snowmobile crossing.
The temperature of the spring fed creek is warmer than the air, in places that it splashes over rocks the water freezes onto grasses and other rocks to create incredible ice formations.

Morris and I walked further down the valley where Ariel and I had gone a few weeks ago and I found a cool spot where the water was flowing under the ice!

The creek was making beautiful music here.  The sound of the water going over the rocks and splashing was intoxicating.
I sat down in the snow and Morris climbed onto my legs.

He obviously needed some warming up.

After a bit we decided to head back home and follow the creek back to our fence-line instead of going up over the hill.

This portion of the creek is pretty deep, so I called Morris back and carried him over so he wouldn't get soaked.

I do love this time of year, things are so fascinating along the water ... the life blood of the valley...

Morris the Camo Dog.
I think winter suits him!

We stopped at the Trail Cam and exchanged the cards.
The doe and her twins have been coming back to take a drink ...

And with that we headed home.
Happy and feeling refreshed.

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