Friday, October 31, 2014

The last day of October

Well I didn't say Happy Halloween!  But then again I've worked so many Halloween nights that I guess it doesn't get me excited any more.

October was an incredibly beautiful month, full of changing colors and weather.

Now we enter into November, the month I call ...the Brown Month.

Photographically November can be challenging.
But most of the colors that can be found will either be close to the ground or in the sky...

I also use November to work on projects.  Like the Family Calendars for those who want one and a 'Morris Adventure Book' perhaps.
The longer nights always give me more inside time.

November means moving the animals into winter pastures and setting up water heaters for the stock tanks.
Adjusting water hoses so they can be drained afterwards, and making sure the long johns are easy to access.

My favorite Holiday comes in November.  Thanksgiving!  Family!
My unfavorite time of the year comes in November.
Gun Deer Season.

I am not against the hunting, however I am against those hunters who are irresponsible.

So for 9 days in November I stay out of the woods and do my winterizing of the house and bring out the Carhartt's ... rotate the photos on the wall to more seasonal things...
and wait for the first snow fall.

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