Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ponies of the Corn


and blustery yesterday, but it was a warm day and I hadn't taken Siera out in quite a while.

I usually avoid really windy days in the fall, especially if I have to ride past a field of corn.

The corn rattles and shakes and normally it sets my mules on the tips of their hooves.

So I thought I'd see what Siera thought about the whole thing.

It could be a fine move or it could have been a stupid move.

She glared at the corn daring 'the ponies of the corn' to come out and attack her.

She snorted and blew a few times but headed down the lane between the 'rattling' scary corn.  She went as though on a mission.  
Well compared to other mules I've ridden, she is something different to get used to.  She is gaited, so she always wants to gait out fast if she can.

Here we pause for a moment along the ridge road after going through the 'scary' corn.  She was sweating a bit behind the ears, nervous about leaving home.

She also knew that home was directly to our left through some very gnarly woods, she could hear our Jack 'Bob' braying.

But we went on.

Something different happened while going down this steep trail.
Siera stopped to pee.
She flipped her tail up over her back and I didn't realize that she also flipped her crupper off!

The saddle moved forward and Siera finally stopped ... I didn't realize this at first.
So we took a break.

I sat on a log while she was tied to a tree trying to find any green morsels left....and we enjoyed some quiet time overlooking the 'Hidden Valley'.

Even though most of the leaves have fallen and the colors seem to have disappeared from the trees, we still had a beautiful trail cut for us by a bow hunter.

Just before we got home 2 C-130 aircrafts came flying just over the tree tops.

Sure, if that should freak out me, it should have freaked out Siera.

She just glanced around.

Gosh I like this mule!

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  1. Way to go Siera, no corn monsters will get you:)