Saturday, October 25, 2014

Working with Morris and a bit of JWildfire

Well I've gone back and forth between Fractal Programs now for a long time.  Right now I'm trying to get more of a handle on JWildfire.
Samples above.
JWildfire had been blasted into the future with a new version that can be downloaded and is free.
Although I must say, it helps to find tutorials if you actually want to create something.  
It isn't too bad being able to generate random things though and just play around.


Yesterday, I took Morris out for shot to try and get him to 'pose' with his toys.
This was a complete failure yesterday as it got overcast and dark...and I forgot to bring his most important working tool.

The Dog Cookie.

However, I did get some nice toy shots but when I asked Morris to get on the rock and look at the toys...

I got a nice shot of Morris's 'equipment' and he proceeded to sniff his toys casually and knock them down, before wandering off a ways to stare at me as if I were from another planet.

He doesn't really react much to the toys when we are in the woods.

Really Morris!  You must learn to act!

I have to do another photo 'shoot' with Morris to try and get what I need.
From the weather forecast I may indeed get a chance in the next few days.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I really like that second shot, very beautiful.

As for Morris...Good thing dogs have no concept of Internet:)

Val Ewing said...

I normally wouldn't post a photo like that but he likes to turn his butt to me often.

I couldn't resist the stab at humor.

jorge a b said...

Nice JWildfire fractals, agree that the second one is very beautiful also!