Sunday, October 19, 2014

Morris & I go looking...

We love looking and searching and hiking.  Yesterday it was time to return to the creek bottom and visit the last few breaths of fall.
[It was 28 degrees this morning!]

The leaves were coming down like rainfall.

The afternoon was a bit cool and breezy and it was getting late, but we decided to go for a hard and fast hike.

Though when we got to the creek, of...course we got side tracked.

Morris had to 'water' every log and stick he could find.
After all, it is his territory. Or so he thinks.

The hateful Japanese Barberry plant is quite beautiful in the fall and winter.  The berries and foliage are stunning in colors.
But they crowd out other plants.

The reflections of the trees on the hillside were incredible.

For a while I stopped and sat on a log in the water.
I was able to see a Tiger Trout.  The distinctive markings on the fins were bright.
They weren't large, but they did let me catch a glimpse of them before they disappeared under the banks and into to other dark places.

The creek is incredibly clear.  Can you see where the water surface is?  Hint the colored leaves are floating on top.

Winter will change the look of this area drastically.  But we've had a fairly dry fall so the creek is pretty low here.

Finally, with daylight fading, Morris and I headed back home. We had supper to cook and chores to help out with.

Although we were greeted by a beautiful scene provided by the donkeys not far from the feeder.

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