Monday, October 13, 2014

Archery ~ addressed years later...

I like to Target Practice and with ammo for my .22 so difficult to get, I thought I'd go back to archery.

I found this Youth Compound Bow that does not have a huge heavy pull on it and decided to pick it up.  

I've been having trouble with rabbits this past summer getting into the garden and destroying a lot of our goodies.

Morris was good at finding rabbit nests and getting rid of a few by digging them out.

So I thought I'd take a beaten up squash about the size of a rabbit and see if...

I could shoot it from a short distance.

...and I was able to just begin to get some feel for the bow after a couple of hours of shooting.

I have to work on consistency for my draw of course and watch a few 'training' videos.
But I am enjoying it a lot.

I can target shoot and shoot and re-use the same ammo over and over.

Archery teaches patience and consistency along with discipline.  I think it is a great out door sport.

I suppose if I ever get good enough I could use it for getting rid of varmints ... but that remains to be seen.

A friend of mine told me to practice shooting while riding a mule.
Hey, there are all sorts of possibilities!
But first things first.
Practice, Practice, Practice.

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