Thursday, October 16, 2014


The skies were dull grey but there was a hint of sun ... as if the light was trying to penetrate the dark heavy clouds, but I wasn't sure which would win.

I decided to ask Morris if he'd like to go look for 'things' in the woods.
Of course he never ever refuses.

Not even in the rain.
He will refuse to go out to his potty spot if it is raining hard...but not to go for a walk with me.

What an odd dog.

I chose the 50mm lens for a few reasons.  It is a fast lens ... meaning in low light you can still take hand held shots just like this without getting camera shake.

The colors on the forest floor were quite beautiful.

So many things to discover after 2 3/4 inches of rain for the previous few days.

One of the odd things we found was a huge 'jelly' fungi!

I think the rain really helped this one along!

The colors of the birches showed up nicely with the muted sky.

In a way I find this time of year very exciting.  It is a race to grab the beauty of fall as it quickly changes day to day.

Even as the peak fades, wonderful colors show up.

The bright green grass has not yet faded to brown and the forest in places is holding on desperately to its leaves.

By the way, the calf peeking around the corner is WhoDunnit, our only bull calf.

The grey mule walking in another pasture is Mica.  I couldn't get enough of the colors that bordered their pasture.

And a view from one pasture into another....

The colors are hanging on just barely.

This morning there is supposed to be some dense fog in the river valley areas.
I always find that this makes for very interesting sunrise photos.

I can still see stars to the east in the upper sky.

Down in my hollow, the fog is starting to build.

It should be an interesting morning.

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