Wednesday, October 29, 2014

She yelled ICKY at me! ~by Morris

SHE yelled icky! ICKY at me today while we were taking a hike.

More than once. 
Last time we hiked she yelled Icky and I had rolled in some exceptionally stinky goo to which she immediately put me in the bath when we got home.

I was fragrant and slimy.  I was a happy dog.

Today though I should have listened to her yelling at me.

We did have a fine time though.

I found a deer trail and after a bit we even found a Monster Buck.

SHE stood super quiet and only reached for her cheapo pocket camera.  We could hear the buck approaching us as we were on the downwind side of him.

Man, I thought she was going to have the 'Vapors', she was so excited.
And SHE said she just sort of got a crummy photo of the Buck.

[The big deer is at the top of the photo and very hard to see, but he had big shiny horns!]

I however decided to growl and puff up.  I was the guardian dog.  I growled very nasty stuff at him and he just turned and walked away.

SHE was still in awe.

So she was taking pretty photos of something she calls Barberries and Rose Hips so I decided to go eat some nasties.

I ate some small bones and then some really nasty Dexter poo and maybe some other stuff.

SHE wasn't looking!

So when I got home I drank a lot of water and then...well I went in my crate and had a barf-fest.

SHE was angry at first but realized that I didn't make a mess in the house.

Then SHE felt bad.

And then I felt even worser.

I wouldn't eat when she fed me.

I sat with my ears drooped and eyes at half mast.  
Then finally SHE came after supper and took my vitals.

Interesting.  She has a veterinarian's stethescopy thingy.
SHE could hear my breathing as normal and Heart Rate as normal.

SHE pronounced that I had a very bad stomach ache.

How did one human get to be so smart?

I'm feeling better now, but SHE is watching me carefully.

I'm getting to be an 'elderly' dog SHE tells me.  And she said next time she points her finger at me and yells ICKY I should listen.

Maybe SHE is right?

Awww poo on that.
I love icky.

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