Monday, November 04, 2013

When days get short ...

I always have a hard time adjusting to the fall time change.  I still get up early and enjoy the sunrise.
I am always surprised at how early I want to go to bed.  
Then I remember that the time has changed...and I am fighting the natural inclination to go to bed as soon as it is dark out.

I like the light of the shorter days though.  The sun is not burning bright overhead and casts a more interesting light on things I find in the woods.

Yet I also found out that going out while it is dark is pleasurable also.
The neighbors came down last evening with their three children, just before dark. 
I took them on a hike down past our creek and through the rocky dry wash.


Mom and Dad had never been there before, but the children had gone with me last month.  Apparently it was an adventure they wanted to share with their parents.
I wore my head lamp so we could see.  We didn't have a lot of daylight left but Mom and Dad were not disturbed by that at all.  They are as avid about hiking as their children are.

The kids climbed like only like kids can do.  They negotiated the slippery rocks with ease.  I picked my way carefully with the Mom and her littlest child who will be 3 in December.  
Leaves covered most of the rocks and it made footing a bit trickier.

Well, that ... and a broken toe I got the day before made things... a it more interesting.

So now the hours have changed but my body hasn't made the adjustment yet.
Soon enough I'll be looking forward to the time change in the spring.



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