Saturday, November 23, 2013

Leading up to Deer Gun Season...

Several fun things happened this week.
I am saying 'fun' in a purely sarcastic type of way.

Monday morning, my neighbor called.  Could I come right away my neighbor had to rush her sick cat to the vet's.
The cat had been having issues on and off during the summer.  This was a cat the the kids really liked.  They called him Rainbow.
[Rainbow died the next day...]

That afternoon things seemed to go quite nicely.  I took Morris for a walk to the creek and we spent a little time looking for tracks.

Later that afternoon we were trying to get fencing and animals ready for the coming deer gun season.  
I went to water the hounds.
Mona seemed a bit off.  Not her normal self.  
Normal self is happy lick you on the hand jump up and down...wag the tail normal.
She didn't eat and refused water.
We took her off to the vet.

She was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and we received a dose of antibiotics. 

That night we took Belle hunting.  Belle was a flop.  Once she heard the hounds at home barking, she went home.

Wednesday it turned cold.  I went to feed Mona some warmed up food.  She refused to come out of her house.
So I moved her into the kitchen.  Hubby thought about complaining but decided that it would be easier to give her the shots and pills if she was indoors.
I put in the baby gate.  Mona went to sleep in a large dog crate.  
Hubby was rushing to get going to his appointment at the VA.  I was rushing to get some things done before it was supposed to start to rain/snow.

I certainly am no ballerina.  I went to step over the gate [rather quickly] and got tangled up in a heap on the floor.  I was hugging myself and trying so hard to breath.  I'd done something to my stupid foot.  The little toe turned white.
I sat and waited until I could breath again and got up slowly.

I still had to get to town.

Short notes now...
On the way back from the VA hosptial, the Jeep lost its brakes.
On my errands in town, the Subaru dashlights came on warning of brakes and battery.
I hurried home and turned the corner to coast down the driveway...all the dashboard lights came on at once and the gauges all stopped working.


By now the little toe was purple.  The foot was swelled.  I gimped the groceries inside, grabbed an ice pack and sat down.

My laptop decided to take a dump on me.
No not the dreaded screen of death.
But it seems like the Wifi card has died.


For whatever reason, it will not stay connected.  So now I have to resort to making files, transferring any photos to a stick and using my old laptop to post things like photos.
since my foot hurts like a bugger, I'm not photographing.
I am however working with fractals.

So here you go:
Stomach Virus....ewww....I know...but that's what I thought of it!

Attack of the Nano-Bots:

The Great White Hunter has just returned.  He has filled his doe tag.
Looks like we'll have fresh deer roast again!


The Dancing Donkey said...

It must be a plague or something, my week was not much better. I sure hope things get better for you soon, your poor toe

I worry about lyme disease all the time here. I find 15-20 deer ticks a day and lyme is everywhere.

The fractals are interesting, I'm going to have to go look them up as I don't really know what they are.

Val said...

Fractals are part of mathematical formulas.
When I can't get out and hike or take photos -- especially during the opening weekend of deer gun season, I stay indoors and do other things.

The Three Muleteers said...

Oh my goodness Val, hope your weekend has improved and Mona is on the mend.... gosh why does everything always come at once!

The Dancing Donkey said...

I guess I knew they were part of a mathematical formula, but I can't get my brain around how that translates into such intricate pictures. I mean, that's kind of how formulas often look in MY head, all swirly and incomprehensible, but I don't know how they end up that way on a computer screen. It must be magic:)