Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Fun.

We started the day off with a bang.  Walking in the woods in the rain with Blaze Orange on, and hiking chaps attached to belts on the grand kids.

Morris got filthy.  We started to get soaked so we made it a short trip.

Some nice kids I know...grand kids...offered to give Morris a bath.

He liked it.

After the bath the sky broke open and the rain stopped.

The morning was still quite young and the kids were in no way ready to spend time indoors if at all possible.

I asked if a 'photo hike' would be fun and they said yes.
I passed out cameras and off we went.


The sky, the clouds, the multiflora rose hips became instant hits with the kids.
Everything at once became explored through the eye of a lens of sorts.

Even Grandma.

[thank goodness her face is hidden right?]

Water droplets on leaves became discussion worthy with the kids.
We knelt and examined the water and the leaf textures of the oak.

Dennis and I spent time trying to get as close to a multiflora rose bush without getting bit...

The skies then turned ominous and the winds began to pick up as the temperature dropped.

We headed back towards home discussing sumac bushes, red berries, dead flowers, deer tracks, gravel roads, the clouds...the wind...

And as we walked down the driveway Dennis headed towards the house and Ariel stopped and said loudly to him...

'Dennis! Wouldn't you rather stay outside and look at animals?'  She looked at me.  I smiled at her and said, 'Oh I agree.  The house is boring, and animals are cool.'

In about 15 minutes, the skies changed even more. 
We went inside to eat lunch and enjoy a movie.

Morris is currently pouting on the couch.  He misses his kids.
Grandpa has gone to bed.  He misses the kids.

I'm here looking through photos.
I miss the kids.



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The Dancing Donkey said...

It's great that you get to have such fun outings. It's nice to see some kids who still want to be out exploring.