Thursday, November 14, 2013

Girl's Night out?

This afternoon I am particpating in an 'educational nature' walk with the homeschooled kids that are neighbors.

The oldest girl just turned 9 a few days ago and has asked if she can go raccoon hunting with us.
Well tonight Hubby is heading out with his Big Pro Buddies and I'm home alone.  I thought, good enough.  I called the neighbor and asked if their daughter would like to go with me tonight for a couple of hours.

I told her we may not find a thing.  But at least she could get a feel for what it is like to walk the hills and woods at night with a light and a dog.

We'll take Axe who hunts close and according to hubby isn't a very good hunter.  I'd like to believe that he would hunt well with me.  He needs re-training on the leash but I prefer to give second chances.

So I told hubby that I'd take '2nd Chance Axe' with Ambrosia and I tonight.  He was like...YOU got your license?
Me:  'Yes picked it up yesterday..., no reason I can't go with a dog and hunt!  No reason you should have all the fun!'

Hubby was flabberghasted.  But he thought girl on girl first time hunt would be fantastic.

The world of hounds, hunters, and handlers is dominated by males.  I've never heard of a woman hunter with her own hounds.
I intend to change that.

I plan to show hubby that Axe may just make it as a working dog.  No fear, he won't get abandoned or anything. 

I'm looking forward to it.
Girls night out?

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