Sunday, November 24, 2013

Living with Mona ~ by Morris

My ... 'my' kids came to visit last weekend.
Miss Ariel and Mr Dennis.

I like having them to play with.  We went for a walk in the rain and then I got a bath in the tub, but you know all about that from what SHE said in last week's post.

I've been putting up with a visitor in the house this week.
Her name is Mona.
She is an old dog, the vet said.  Hmmm, she is 9.  How old can that be when it is the same age that I am?

She is huge and tall!  She is stately and well mannered.  She is not real playful but acts like she is some sort of Queen or something.
She also could use a bath.
SHE has been grooming her with MY brush.  I stand on the other side of the baby gate and watch.  I make little squeaking noises so she knows I still exist.

Each year for I don't know how long I've had to put up with raising a puppy in the house for most of the winter.
Now I have to host an old lady dog?

Mona just gives me the big hound dog eye when I say things like that.
She says she can forgive me because I have a short nose and short ears and ... am not so good at much but being a pest.

I mean whew.  She lives outdoors normally and not inside.  She could really use a nice bath with nice smelly soap.  Mona usually sleeps in straw bedding.

Now she has a nice comfy horse blanket.  
She told me she is very happy in the house ... thank you very much.
She likes getting petted and talked to.

She likes smelling the cooking smells.  And even though she is a 60 lb dog in an itty bitty house, she believes she fits right in.

Not only that.  Even I have to say Mona is amazing.  She has been in the house for days and not once has she had an accident.

Well, the heater is running.
I better go lay in front of it, then go hold down the couch some more.

I'm happy I'm an inside dog!



The Three Muleteers said...

Aww gee Morris sharing with another dog indoors? Oh well at least if you have to share Mona looks like a nice dog to share with, she looks kinda regal and calm and is obviously well mannered, maybe you could grow to like her? After all she is a pretty lady ;-)

Val said...

She needs a bath with vanilla shampoo.

The Dancing Donkey said...

I hope Mona is feeling better soon. Maybe what she needs is a nice warm bath and permanent berth by the heater:)