Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rain Rain go Away and Randomness...

What a beautiful sunset we had Friday night.  I saw this on our ridge road.  The mailbox belongs to our good neighbor Linda.

I've probably shot many sunsets here over the years.  Either on muleback or while driving to or from work [depending on the shift].

Today it is raining...pouring...cats and dogs.  Well not literally.

So I gave up the idea of me running down to the creek to experiment in this beautifully overcast day.

I had some creative ideas in using timed exposure.

Other considerations.
I may turn in, or recycle, or trade in...however you want to word it, my Nikon D40.  It has been a faithful camera for nearly 5 years.  I'm looking at upgrading to a Nikon D5200.

I've also decided to go ahead and begin doing some portrait and custom work.  No advertising ... word of mouth work in photography.  I've been teetering on the edge for a long time and after doing children's portraits and my third wedding, I'm getting a better feel for photographing people.

I'm also continuing in my graphic art work.

There is a blog I follow called fraktalblog is by a Fractal Artist who works with Mandelbulb 3D.  When I need inspiration I read through the English translation and try to figure out who he made some of his wonderful creations.  Thank you Jorge Ab always for the inspiration from across the sea!
You can also find his work on deviantART.

One of my latest Mandelbulb 3D creations went to achieve a #1 status on Pixoto.  Not sure what that means but it is like a game for me.

I combined JWildfire and Mandelbulb 3D for this one.

Today I am working with IFS forumulas in MD3D.  Just because.  I am trying to work with made up parameters today...actually I'm experimenting with the formulas and I think I may have actually found something!

I'm not sure of how to 'start' out with original parameters.  But I loaded 'Impossible World' parameters from the stock parameters that came with the program.
From there I changed everything.

And....then because of a storm, I forgot to save the parameters before I exited...
and poof it was gone.

So instead I went to FB's Mandelbulb Maniacs and played with some parameters that are being
Ricky Jarnagin

Have a good day no matter what you are doing.

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  1. Thank you Val for your nice mention!
    Feel flattered.
    Just a thing to say... you say you've lost the params from render, but if you have rendered it, it may be in the History folder in Mandelbulb, so you can maybe recover it!
    Love to see your works!