Friday, November 15, 2013

Night out...

If you really want a different perspective on hunting at night, or in our case it was more like walking the trails in the woods at night.

Take a child.


If we get lost [we were never lost] I could make us a bed of grass right here, and take thistle fluff and make soft pillows.

I can see the clouds when I turn off my headlamp.  Will it rain?  If it does, it is okay, I don't mind rain.

The hoot owl isn't so scary when you are in the woods.  But I don't ever want to do this by myself.

We are not lost are we?  [No we were not, I kept telling her to listen for our donkeys and hounds and she'd know where our houses where].

I like this how late can we stay out without my dad getting worried?

Is your rifle loaded?  Does it make a big noise? [Sort of]

Could I shoot a raccoon with my BB gun?  [Well yes but it would just sting him and make him/her mad]

We could camp here, it is nice and flat.  I like it here.  [We were in the valley next to the creek in a wide open spot.]

She had a wonderful time.  She got to watch Axe work in the woods as he was wearing a collar that flashed as he moved.  She got to hear him bay and we even searched a tree.

She started to drag her feet as we headed home.  Her folks both came out to see us when we got home.  As nonchalant as Dad was, I could tell he was curious to see if his daughter actually enjoyed the night trip.

She looked at Dad and said.  
'I want to do this again very soon!'

Yup.  Me too.  Having a child with gives you a whole new perspective on everything.

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