Sunday, November 03, 2013

Riding in the dark... the forest or out on the ridge with headlamps is a pretty new experience to me.

We were riding with hounds that were hunting which I think makes it doubly interesting.

I think I may have discovered a new love.  I really enjoyed riding under the stars and the challenge of riding through the thick brush to find a treed dog.

The temperatures were downright cold.  But I'd dressed for it and had good insulated riding boots.  They are made by Bogg and were worth every penny I spent on them.

I loved seeing the absolutely startlingly bright stars over head.  I felt I could reach out and touch them a few times.

One time while we were waiting to see what the hounds were up to, a hoot owl screeched and then began to call.  

There was only one time I didn't care for the dark.  That was when hubby went back home to put a dog away and get another one.  I was left with Mona which was fine.
But then a coyote started barking somewhere near.  Mona quite whining and sat very still.
Opal started doing some 'Blow Snorts'.  

Then the bone chilling coyote calls started.  To her credit, Opal just stood there and listened.  I watched her ears and she was very aware of where the coyotes were at all times.

Normally when I go 'coon hunting with hubby, we are on foot.  Just this year we started to take the mules with us.  After all that is why he got into mules years ago.

I generally get a bit bored and tired from all the hills and the walking [not bad exercise...but].
The past two times we've gone, I was not in the least bored or tired.

In fact last night when we decided to head home, I glanced at my watch and realized that it was after midnight.
I was sort of sorry to have to go home.

Look out Siera!  It is your turn next!


Lori Skoog said...

Man! You guys are troopers!!!!

The Three Muleteers said...

Looks great, I gotta try night riding!