Friday, November 29, 2013

Quiet Thanksgiving

I should have run about with my camera to take some beautiful shots of our animals on Thanksgiving Day.

But we were in a rush to get to mom in law's apartment for a noon meal with sister and brother in law.

However, Thor was entertaining us while we chored by taking one of his sticks and walking around with it...waving it up and down.

This is a shot from last winter when I happened to luckily have a camera with when he did it.

He is quite the character and is full of charm.

The day was pretty quiet.  We celebrated Thanksgiving by going to mom in law's apartment and having pork chops and stuff along with pumpkin pie.

Today Morris and I put the Christmas Chair-Tree up.  I tried something different this year and will post photos of it later when I get access to my own computer.


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  1. Happy belated thanksgiving! That is one beautiful donkey - what a character :-)