Monday, August 02, 2010

Say Goodnight...

The crickets are beginning to sing. The chores are done, the sun is fading in the west and the temperatures have cooled a bit.

Sunshine is the first mule to the gate as I walk down there with halter in hand.
How did she know that 'she' was the one getting picked for an evening ride?

It is still quite humid and warm, but not as bad as it was midday.

Sunshine is quiet while I saddle her. She stands patiently while I fiddle with the britchen. I rode Fred last with this saddle so there are a few minor adjustments.
I haven't ridden Sunshine for a while, but I am not concerned. She has gone up to nearly 8 months without being ridden [her knee injury last July] and hasn't really forgotten a thing.

After all, she is a good mule with a good mind. A little strong headed sometimes, but willing and able.
Not only that.
She is a nice size for me. I only have to lift my leg to knee height to put my foot in the stirrup.
She never picked up her mother's 'air-headed' attitude. She is 99% sensible.

We head up the driveway and down the road, crossing through freshly cut and baled hay fields.
We stop for a while and watch some deer in the distance.

It is growing dark.
Sunshine doesn't want to stand I ask her to for another minute or so.

Finally we head home and stop at the mailbox to pick up the mail and the Shopper.
Her pasture-mates nicker to her as we return in the twilight.

She is a fine little red mule.

I release her back into the pasture as darkness comes on full.
Siera comes up and tries to put her head in the halter, she turns and lays her ears back at Eddie and Dinah who have also come to me.

I reach out and pat Siera and murmur that it will be her turn next.

Good night sweet mules...and donkey.


Leigh Russell said...

Very evocative, I felt as though I was right there with you.

Val said...

Thanks were, just shut your eyes and smell them...hear the sounds.


Lori Skoog said...

I love it all. The photo, the text and all the flower pictures below.