Sunday, August 08, 2010

Little Red Mule

My neighbor stopped her large diesel truck on the road and I rode Sunshine up to her. She'd commented on Siera earlier this week and 'just had to stop and gaze at the pretty little red mule'.

I guess that means that Sunshine can make an impression even with her small stature. With Badger's health being compromised, I've been 'forced' to get my riding fixes with other mules.

Sunshine is Badger's half sister and only about 54" or 13 1/2 hands.
I always thought I looked silly on a little mule.
But I am re-evaluating that thought. I started Sunshine at 18 months, then didn't mess with her until she was 4 years old.
She wasn't always my first choice when we went riding, but hubby loves riding her. She'll also ride double with a grandchild.

So why hadn't I been riding her more regularly? Because she was a plain jane 'red' mule? Because she isn't fancy?

So imagine my surprise at my neighbor's reaction to 'the pretty little red mule'. As the diesel truck drove off and another car came barreling down the road...I thought to myself:

Here I am riding a mule that is so easy to get on,
get off,
and doesn't mind going off alone...
Why have I not chosen her more before?

Because of Badger.
How ironic that it took Badger's illness to make me realize that I had a shining little star in my pasture that I took for granted.

We rode through the darkness towards home. Me, swelled with pride on the little red mule.
...and the little red mule stepping out with purpose and willingness.


mj said...

I'm smiling for you. Badger will always be your special mule, but I'm so glad that to hear that you are now beginning to enjoy what sounds like yet another good mule.
Never underestimate small. The horse I grew up on was 13.2 and he was one of the best gymkhana horses in the county. (Sea Biscuit was only 15 hands!) Enjoy your little mule for where and how she'll pack you, and how safe you'll be doing it! :o)

Val said...

Thank you MJ...all my mules have special places in my heart. Non quite as special as Badger, but I know of 2 mollys that are working hard at it!