Sunday, August 01, 2010

I've gone Crazy over Flowers

It was too hot to ride this early afternoon so I decided to dive into some photo editing of recent flowers blooming around my house and garden.
These are creations for fun.

This is a cosmos in my vegetable garden right after a rain.
Of course it looks nice, but I decided to see what some filters would do.
I used the Filter>Stylize>Wind

I then used Topaz and used the Preset in Simplify > Buzsim

Somewhere I decided to use a separate layer and go with Levels>to dark>Radial Blur and drop that layer under the flower layer.

I changed the opacity of the 'levels' layer so it wouldn't over power the rest of the picture.

To this:

Other edits for today:

The temps are a bit more friendly outside now, and I've recovered from a morning of hot sticky work pulling noxious weeds from Badger's pasture and cutting weeds from underneath the electric fence...

I think I should go out to play now...

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Karen Gladys Henry said...

nice treatments! i learn stuff, thanks!