Sunday, August 15, 2010

Night Experiment

A storm was brewing to the north of us last night ... I noticed it as I stopped at the mailbox and got ready to descend into our little valley.

I drove in and parked.
It was 1AM.
I was tired.

But the storm kept nagging at me.
I wonder
could I
would I
should I?

Well, hell yes ... no time like the present.
I put my camera on a tripod and left with a plan.

I parked on the edge of a hay field and watched the storm brighten the sky.
How to focus?
Dang, I had no clue.
So I did what anyone would do.
I winged it.
I used Landscape mode.
I used Manual mode.
I used an 8 second exposure, a few 15 second exposures, and a couple of 30 second exposure.
Tap, tap, tap...I like instant feedback and couldn't really see what I was doing...

I put the exposure on 'bulb' and held it down while I watched the flashes.

I looked at the time. 2AM!
Today I put it together in Photoshop and 'stacked' the layers.
Dang, I should Experiment more often!

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