Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Big Woods Adventure

Badger said *Let's GO!*
Morris ran in circles between his legs and around Val...

Val carefully checked her saddle and made sure she had water, cameras, and a small camp saw.

They were going on an adventure in The Big Woods [aka PeeWee's Woods].
Morris jumped at Badger's front legs. Badger looked down and then dropped his head. Morris was Badger's favorite little dog. He was always silly and full of smiles. Not wired up like Val's last little dog that was always naughty.
But that was years ago.
Yes, Badger liked Morris. So much so that he'd let Morris ride in the saddle, and once he'd let Morris sit on his bare back.

He liked Val enough too, well like wasn't the word really. Adored was more like it. Even on his days that he felt yucky he would brighten and bray when he saw her at the gate. She was the 'apple' of his eye in human terms.

Val swung up into the saddle and Badger knew exactly where she intended to go. At one point Morris was having trouble negotiating the undergrowth, so Val stopped and placed Morris in the saddle.
Badger liked that, it made him feel helpful.

At the creek Morris jumped off and to everyone's surprise, someone had gone through the valley with a 4-wheeler making a nice trail to follow.
Morris panted, Badger watched his little buddy out of the corner of his eye. When Val stopped to photograph something, Morris stood under Badger for shade.
As he thought, Val was heading towards the *Back Valley* aka known as *The Lost Valley*...he simply thought of it as the place where the creek ran.

Val stopped and looked down, she jumped from the saddle and grabbed a tiny camera.
Badger took the time to nibble on leaves. Morris took time to 'water' some plants.
He liked this. The demands on the ride were easy. Val and Morris were nice to get along with. No hurries.
The road to the Back Valley had been cleared by someone with chainsaws and 4-wheelers. That was okay with Badger. Less work going around all the dead fall trees.

On the trail above the Back Valley, Val spotted a small skull. With another leap, she was on the ground next to Badger taking photos. He put his head down and nudged her so she would sit down in the dirt.
Mule Humor, he thought. She didn't even get mad. She was a good person.

Past the cave they rode and back up onto the meadow. Fresh air and a nice breeze came to Badger's nostrils.
He stood and caught his breath after the long climb out of the valley.
The view was pretty...
Badger decided that he couldn't wait for the next Big Woods Adventure.


mj said...

I love the fact that you and Morris are now going to start sharing your Big Woods adventures with Badger. I bet the slower pace is just what will be good for a mules mind and soul!

Val said...

Actually Badger has been introduced in the Big Woods adventures with the last book.

I think Badger is really pleased to be able to still make these adventures possible...as I am.

Makes my heart warm. [Morris's too]

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I came from mj blog and another mule lady blog. lol

Val said...

Mules rule my life...er, my life is well...mule related.
I love to ride.
I love to photo.

Combine the two and it is heaven!